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Thirteen years, Hebei Sinostar team on the way of exporting steel products (Galvanized Pipe, Black Pipe, Galvanized Sheet and HR&CR Sheet). Seven years, Hebei Sinostar team on the way of donation.

During the work, we are one team. We have five departments, including sales department, financial department, logistic department, quality control department and HR department. Every department majors in their own job and improve their professionalism gradually. Doing the job better, our team will be stronger and stronger.

During the daily life, we are one family. Everyone in our team is from different city, different family. Colleagues in company like one family. We go to donate the village schooltogether. We go to climb the mountain together. We go to the barbecue together.

Hebei Sinostar Trading Co., Ltd. is one team, also one family.

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